We are looking forward to settling our family in Corbett, Oregon. The beautiful and picturesque Columbia Gorge will be our scenery as we drive between Corbett and Portland.

We want Aria to grow up climbing trees, running through fields and chasing butterflies. A little plot of land in Corbett willl give Pepper the space she needs to run and Wynoochee the peace and quiet to sunbathe. Our chickens, well, we'll be getting more of them. Our parakeet, Jewel, will s/he will enjoy the fresh air.

As for us....

Jess will have a shop for all of our outdoor gear, a mancave (shop), whiskey sipping room (shop), a distillery area (shop) and an impressive workbench (shop).

Kendel will have a large garden area (blueberries and lots more berries), a field of wildflowers (Aria will pick bouquets) and a house with enough storage space that I will appear good at organizing.

Thank you for helping our family raise the funds for a down payment on a new house in Corbett!

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